A song explaining who is Spaceman Africa, how he came to be, and some of the memorable experiences that have come about from his name change.

Spaceman Africa: Vocals, guitar and bass
Jake W Naugle: Drums


There once was a man who changed his name
The name went viral and brought acclaim
A deed poll online
And a shift in time
And his life was never the same

There once was a man named Space
His name from birth became erased
He and Crazy Horse
They have no remorse
They’re known all over the place

Spaceman Africa
He’s a man of a different calibre
Born and raised in Australia
Living the dream in Canberra
Spaceman Africa
He’s a charming bachelor
Bought a bracelet in South Africa
And changed his name from Angela
Nah, just kidding. It was Pamela
No, seriously, it was Erica

There once was a name contest
To choose which name was the best
It’s a funny anecdote
How Space won the vote
Poor Fonda Dicks was not so blessed

There once was a budget airline
Who questioned if Crazy was genuine
He had to show ID
So they’d leave him be
But Space booked his seat just fine

Spaceman Africa
He plays guitar like an amateur
His guns are spectacular
Said no one ever
Spaceman he’s a traveller
But he ain’t no drug trafficker
He ain’t no troublemaker
Ladies, he’s a great lovemaker

Africa? As in the country
No mate, what I think you meant
Was Africa like the continent.

Spaceman Africa
Snowman Antarctica
Sandman Arabia
Swagman Australia
Superman America
Sheikhman Algeria
Sovietman Armenia