Autobiographical indie-rock with a humorous twist. Original songs by Australian singer-songwriter Spaceman Africa.

Africa as in the Continent

Spaceman Africa the Musical

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In a musical style similar to Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, and with the lyrical cleverness of Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D, Africa as in the Continent features musical versions of eight of Spaceman's classic autobiographical stories.

(Includes PDF of the Spaceman Africa the Musical booklet which tells the stories behind the songs).

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Hey Space fans, 

I'm excited to announce, I have written new songs, enough for a new album, and I plan to start recording them in the coming months . With songs such as The Threesome that Never Was, How do Kangaroos Have Sex, Anyway? and I got Five Needles in my Butt, it's going to be a fun bunch of songs. Here's a little teaser. An acoustic version of new song, The Miller Line. 

The MIller Line is a toll free number, 1800 Miller- 6, in the US for Miller Beer. This phone service is for general enquiries about Miller beer products. But back in 2003, my mate, Crazy Horse, and I used this phone service to find out all sorts of information from sports results through to phone numbers for sperm bank clinics (we were backpacking and needed the money). We called so often we got to know some of the phone operators.

Speak to you soon.

Space out  👨‍🚀🤘🚀

HAIL! HAIL! Hail the Mocktail 🍹 

Hello shakers and groovers, 😎

can you believe it? Today October 4th, 2018, marks my tenth anniversary sober. I used to have quite the drinking problem but I got help, turned my life around and here we are ten years since my last drink. To celebrate, I'm releasing a new song, titled, Hail the Mocktail. Jump to the store page if you wish to buy the track or take advantage of the t-shirt & track combo. or you can rock out to the lyric video right here. Cheers 🍹 

Album drops today. 🎉😁🎵 28 July 2018 

G'day space fans,

today's the day we've all been waiting for. Well, probably not everyone. Probably just me. But the day of my debut album's release has come. Woohoo!

Check out this amazing write-up from the guys at Tunedloud.

The album download includes a PDF version of the album booklet that reveals the stories behind the songs. Jump to the store page where the album and various other merch options are available including my newly published memoir, Who is that Weirdo Dancing in the Corner?

I hope you enjoy the music and stories. Feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think. You can connect with me on facebook and I have many videos on youtube to keep you busy.


Space 😎