In 2002, during a drinking session in Dublin, Ireland, our hero thought it would be funny to change his name legally to something  amusing and amazing. As a result, Spaceman Africa was born. Spaceman's unique folk-rock compositions are musical versions of the multitude of humorous stories Spaceman has written about from his experiences traveling the world, hence the name Spaceman Africa the Musical. Fans have likened his music to that of Lou Reed and Talking Heads and describe his amusing lyrics comparable to Tenacious D and Flight of the Conchords. 

Originally from Canberra, Australia's capital, Spaceman started playing music at the age of 13, first learning classical piano and then, at 16, expanding to the guitar and bass to be able to play his favourite modern day music. After playing in various rock bands in his early 20's, Spaceman hopped on a plane at age 22 bound for Europe and has consistently been travelling over the 20 years since. Travelling so extensively has given Spaceman plenty of writing material but has dictated that Spaceman mainly played solo with an acoustic guitar. 

2017 marked the year that Spaceman finally recorded his songs in addition with bass and drums at Alpha Binary Studio in Canberra. The result of these recordings is the album Africa as in the Continent due for  release mid-2018. As well as the album, Spaceman will be releasing a book that contains the stories behind each song on the album.

2018 has seen Spaceman perform Spaceman Africa the Musical for the first time accompanied by a band. He was joined by two of his long time close friends, Miss J Love (bass guitar) and Nicholas Lee-Murphy (drums). Together, they were able to fulfill two of Spaceman's long-held dreams: 1. to perform his songs live with a band, and 2. to perform at the iconic Canberra venue, the Phoenix Pub.

In 2019, the plan is to build upon the activity from 2018 and grow the fan base with more gigs and new music.