Spaceman Africa memoir – Who is that Weirdo Dancing in the Corner?


Who is that Weirdo Dancing in the Corner?Β  – The Travel Diaries of Spaceman Africa

Paperback version.


A memoir written by Spaceman Africa about his life travelling the world from 1997 – 2007.
Paperback version. (For all ebook formats, visit your favourite online bookstore.)

Blurb on back cover:

Have you ever seen the T-shirt slogan that says, “I used up all my sick days so I called in dead”?

Spaceman Africa found himself on an adventure with some mates in Donegal, Ireland, when, really, he should have been at his warehouse job in London. Realising that it’s not possible for a dead person to call their workplace, Spaceman had a friend phone on his behalf. It worked. Spaceman has never been back to his warehouse job.

In February 1997, 22 year-old Australian, Spaceman, left his home town of Canberra for an indefinite working holiday in the United Kingdom. For a man who growing up had no desire to travel overseas except to New Zealand, the impact of coming into contact with foreign lands, diverse cultures and weird and wonderful people had him hooked. Travel became his passion and he took every opportunity available to hit the road, including calling in dead.

Who is that Weirdo Dancing in the Corner?Β is part memoir and part travelogue. Learn how the travel bug takes hold of Spaceman as he goes on a journey of exciting thrills, funny misfortune and, somewhere along the way, has a legal name change. But is this footloose and fancy-free lifestyle of backpacking, drinking and partying sustainable? Will it all catch up with him and bite him on the bum at the most inconvenient time, like on a flight from Guatemala City to Los Angeles, for example?