Africa as in the Continent album booklet.


Africa as in the Continent album booklet.


This 127 page book contains the true autobiographical stories that inspired the songs on the album, Africa as in the Continent.

Blurb on back cover:

At the age of 22, Spaceman Africa left his home town of Canberra, Australia, to travel the world – first stop, London. Over the following 20 years, Spaceman has had numerous funny experiences and some unfavourable mishaps that only now, with the passing of time, can he look back and laugh.

Here, Spaceman shares twelve comical short stories from his time abroad and at home.  From being propositioned whilst hitch-hiking in Germany, to writing postcards to random strangers from the Dublin phonebook and inventing a new sport in Peru, Spaceman Africa the Musical contains engaging and amusing tales and answers the question we’re all dying to know – how did he get his name?

For each story, Spaceman has composed and recorded a song, the result of which is the album Africa as in the Continent. In a musical style similar to Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, and with the lyrical cleverness of Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D, Spaceman Africa the Musical will have you laughing and singing along to the catchy tunes long after you’ve read the book and listened to the songs.