Bondage Bob makes hot 100 playlist

Hello Space fans,

#RegularRadio, an Australian based international independent music podcast, released their first annual independent hottest 100 at the end of 2019. With over 4,300 total votes for the poll, the Spaceman Africa the Musical hit song #BondageBob came in at #23. 🤘🧸🎸
Thanks to all those who voted. 👍🥳

Here is the link to the official Spotify playlist where you can crank the top 100 for a total of 6 hours and 39 minutes of international independent music. 🎸🎵🎤🥁

New EP is coming along. Just finishing the final touches of recording. Looking for a release in the coming months. 👍🥳

Here’s Spaceman Africa the Musical in action recently at the Canberra Live Music Festival with guest vocalist Indianna. 🎸🎵🎤🥁

📸 Photo thanks to Tim Floyd.

New Music

12 Sept 2019
Hello Space fans, 🚀

the big news at the moment is that very shortly, I’ll be heading into the studio again to record six new songs. The title at the moment for the new release is I’ve Never Felt So Alive. The songs themselves have some interesting titles. 👍🎤🎸

The Miller Line
How do Kangaroos Have Sex, Anyway?
I’ve got Five Needles in my Butt Cheek
I Used up all my Sick Days, so I Called in Dead
I Phoned Shebab not Shebeen
The Threesome that Never Was